Can’t Turn Car Ignition keys is dull


Can't Turn Car Ignition keys is dull



Can’t Turn Car Ignition keys is dull is a common problem with older cars.  A Lot of cars have duplicate copies which aren’t made perfectly and this is another cause.  When your key starts going dull looking it is time to make another key.

People make mistakes because when they see the key getting dull they call a car locksmith Port St Lucie and want a copy made.  But unless if you have a experienced car Locksmith Port St Lucie he will just make a copy of that dull key.  Now you have two dull keys that will probably get worse and eventually the ignition won’t turn.

Now when Car Locksmith Port St Lucie get calls that ignition won’t turn immediately they think your ignition is bad.  But usually here at A Lenny Locksmith we look at the key and then get the proper cuts for the key before they went dull and make the key.  Nine out of ten times the ignition works fine after that.

This is a common problem with GM cars and trucks.  Also chrysler has this problem but sometimes there ignition do go bad so they can be tricky.  That is why having A Lenny Locksmith come out to see the problem is very smart.  All our locksmiths are trained to see the problem and see it fast to not waste your time and not get over charged to something you don’t need.

If you goto the a lot of mechanics and a inexperienced locksmith he will tell you its the ignition and replace it and you will go for a lot of money for no reason.  When all you need was a new key made.  And believe it or not 50% of the time people change there ignition they didn’t need to and threw money out the window.

You can call A Lenny Locksmith 24/7 anytime even if its just for a question you might have that we can help you.


Can’t Turn Car Ignition keys is dull




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